Kinjin Matsuri

Japanese culture festival

Saturday May 26
10:00 - 23:00
Luna, TU/e Campus, Eindhoven

Free entry

About the Kinjin Matsuri

A matsuri (祭り) is a traditional Japanese festival. As a celebration of the third lustrum of Kinjin, we organise the first Kinjin Matsuri to bring some aspects of Japanese culture to Eindhoven.

Market (fair)

As is traditional with any matsuri, there will be a trade fair. Here you will be able to buy Japanese wares and participate in some games of chance and skill.


We have arranged a variety of demonstrations so you can get to know the true culture of Japan. Among these are demonstrations of kabuki, fan dancing, swordsmanship and Japanese archery.


If you want to participate in some typical Japanese activities, we’ve got you covered. Several workshops have been organised where you can make sushi, practice with calligraphy or origami. An overview of all the workshops can be found in the planning.

Mangakissa & Anime

For those interested in otaku culture we will provide a library filled with a multitude of manga. Here you can read manga at your own leasure and look at some Japanese anime films.


Kinjin is the Japanese culture association of students in Eindhoven at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

All of our activities are themed in traditional and modern Japanese culture, such as manga drawing lessons, karaoke or Japanese board games.

We’re still looking for members, so feel free to visit our website for more info.



This schedule will be updated as more information becomes available.


Indoor program

  • Kendo: Japanese sword fighting art.
  • Jodo: Japanese stick fighting art.
  • Iaido: Sword training with real Katana.
  • Japone: Classical and modern Japanese music and dance, together with Japanese sword fighting, theatre and animation.
  • Fandancing: Traditional Japanese dancing with fans
  • Plamo: Building Japanese plastic models.
  • Mahjong: Japanese Riichi Mahjong.
  • Go: A classic Japanese game.
  • Sushi workshop (10€): Professional Sushi workshop
  • Saké tasting test (12.50€): Taste a variety of saké.
  • DDR: Dance Dance Revolution, Japanese dancing video game.
  • Manga Library:A library filled with all different kind of japanese comics better known as manga.
  • TCG: Short for trading card games.

Outdoor program

  • Taiko: Japanese drumming performance.
  • Market: Japanese Matsuri style market.
  • Judo: Japanese self defense fighting style workshop.
  • Jan Ken Pon: Japanese Rock-Paper-Scissors but with a twist.

Subscribing for our (paid) workshops can be done on the festival itself at our information desk, on a first come first serve basis.

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